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‘UnderCovers’ is new spy thriller from J.J. Abrams
Series debuts Sept. 22 on NBC

‘The Event’ begins Sept. 20 on NBC
Jason Ritter plays an average citizen who uncovers a massive conspiracy

‘Nikita’ returns in another re-make
Maggie Q stars in new series airing on the CW network starting Sept. 9

‘The American’ is a cerebral assassin thriller
George Clooney portrays a killer working on one last assignment

Jackie Chan is ‘The Spy Next Door’
Martial-arts legend stars in new action-comedy


Secret Service agents hunt mysterious artifacts in ‘Warehouse 13’
SyFy Channel series combines government investigation and supernatural phenomena

Clive Owen and Julia Roberts play corporate spies in ‘Duplicity’
Former MI6, CIA agents plot to get rich through industrial espionage

Shane West is caught up in the ‘Echelon Conspiracy’
Intelligent computer is linked to international plot

Clive Owen, Naomi Watts star in ‘The International’
INTERPOL agent investigates illegal activities of powerful bank

Stephen Dorff and Val Kilmer star in ‘XIII’ miniseries
Presidential assassination thriller airs February 8 and 15 on NBC

24: Day 7
Liam Neeson stars in ‘Taken’
Retired secret agent must use his skills to rescue his kidnapped daughter

Patrick McGoohan dies at 80
Actor starred in ‘Secret Agent,’ ‘The Prisoner’

No rest for Jack Bauer on the seventh day of ‘24’
Kiefer Sutherland returns as counter-terrorist agent


Top 10 Secret Agent Movies of 2008
Take a look back at the year of secret agents on the big and small screen
James Bond 007: Quantum of Solace

‘Quantum of Solace’ opens Nov. 14
Daniel Craig returns as James Bond in the latest 007 adventure

‘Quantum of Solace’ features first duet on a James Bond theme song
Alicia Keys and Jack White team up for ‘Another Way To Die’

Christian Slater stars in ‘My Own Worst Enemy’
Henry Spivey is an agent so secret, even he doesn’t know it

‘Knight Rider’ is on the road again
The ultimate secret agent vehicle returns to NBC on September 24
Julia Child

Secret Agent Julia Child?
Service records of former OSS agents released by the National Archives include those of the famed TV chef

‘Chuck’ returns for second season
NBC’s secret-agent series airs Mondays starting September 29

Coen brothers’ ‘Burn After Reading’ opens September 12
Spy comedy stars George Clooney, John Malkovich, and Brad Pitt

Don Cheadle plays a secret agent on the run in ‘Traitor’
Espionage thriller hits theaters on August 27

New Statesman
‘Burn Notice’ is hotter than ever
Second season of USA Network spy series sees high ratings, new faces

New Statesman: The New Spies
Private espionage is a booming industry

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