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Nikita (2010)
Maggie Q stars in the new series "Nikita" on the CW network.

‘Nikita’ returns in another re-make

New series airs on CW network starting Sept. 9

The character of Nikita, a convicted felon who is recruited by a shadowy agency to become an assassin, originated in Luc Besson's classic 1990 French thriller "Nikita" starring Anne Parillaud, which was re-made in 1993 as the American film "Point of No Return" starring Bridget Fonda.

The character then moved to the small screen in 1997 in "La Femme Nikita," a series on the USA Network starring Peta Wilson.

The character returns to TV screens this year in the new CW series "Nikita," starring Maggie Q ("Mission: Impossible III," "Priest," "Naked Weapon") and Shane West ("Echelon Conspiracy").

After being trained as a spy and assassin, Nikita (Maggie Q) escapes from the Division, the secret government agency that recruited her, and vows to bring down the organization, which continues to train a new generation of killers.

Michael (Shane West), the agent who trained Nikita, works for Percy (Xander Berkeley, "24"), the head of the Division, who wants Nikita stopped in order to protect his agency. The series also stars Melinda Clarke ("CSI") as a Division psychologist and master manipulator.

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