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Ckive Owen, Julia Roberts

Clive Owen and Julia Roberts play corporate spies in ‘Duplicity’

Former MI6, CIA agents plot to get rich through industrial espionage

Owen, Roberts Clive Owen (“The International”) and Julia Roberts (“Charlie Wilson’s War”) star in “Duplicity,” a film that is part spy drama, part romantic comedy, and part corporate espionage thriller, written and directed by Tony Gilroy.

On their first meeting at the U.S. Consulate in Dubai in 2003, CIA operative Claire Stenwick (Roberts) seduces MI6 case officer Ray Koval (Owen). Back at his hotel, she drugs him and ransacks his room, stealing his classified list of Egyptian air defense codes.

Paul Giamatti

Five years later, they meet again in New York, both retired from their respective agencies and working as corporate spies for Equikrom, a consumer products company headed by Dick Garsik (Paul Giamatti). Claire Stenwick has been working undercover for 14 months as an assistant director of counterintelligence inside Burkett & Randle, Equikrom’s rival corporation.


Garsik knows that Burkett & Randle CEO Howard Tully (Tom Wilkinson) is planning to launch a big new product, and he has a team of corporate spies, including Ray Koval and Claire Stenwick, working to steal the secret formula for the product so that Equikrom can be the first to patent it.

But Koval and Stenwick have a complicated romantic past, and no one involved in the operation fully trusts anyone else, leading to -- as the title implies -- paranoia and back-stabbing around every corner.

Duplicity DVD

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