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The International

Clive Owen, Naomi Watts star in ‘The International’

INTERPOL agent investigates illegal activities of powerful bank

Clive Owen in The International

In “The International,” a new thriller from Sony Pictures, Clive Owen plays INTERPOL agent Louis Salinger, who teams up with Manhattan assistant district attorney Eleanor Whitman (Naomi Watts) to uncover a conspiracy connecting the International Bank of Business and Credit (IBBC) to criminal activities.

Naomi Watts in The International

Salinger and Whitman follow the trail of dirty money from the U.S. to Europe, where the IBBC is using its assets to fund war, terror, arms sales and murder around the globe.

As Salinger and Whitman work to take down the powerful international bank, its operatives will stop at nothing to protect the bank’s criminal enterprises.

The International

“The International” is directed by Tom Tykwer (“Run Lola Run”) and written by Eric Warren Singer.

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The International DVD

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