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Liam Neeson stars in ‘Taken’


Retired secret agent must use his skills to rescue his kidnapped daughter

In the new 20th Century Fox film “Taken,Liam Neeson (“Darkman,” “Under Suspicion,” “Schindler’s List”) stars as Bryan Mills, a retired secret agent who is trying to make up for the time he spent away while his teen-age daughter, Kim, was growing up.


Kim (Maggie Grace, “Lost”), who lives with her mother, Lenore (Famke Janssen, “X-Men”), and stepfather, Stuart (Xander Berkeley, “24”), takes a summer trip to Paris with her friend Amanda (Katie Cassidy).

When the girls are kidnapped by a gang of Albanians, Bryan Mills uses the skills and knowledge he has learned over his long career to track down the kidnappers in Paris, and uses every means at his disposal to find out where his daughter is being held.


Taken” is directed by Pierre Morel (cinematographer of “The Transporter”), and is written and produced by Luc Besson (“The Transporter,” “Léon: The Professional,” “La Femme Nikita”).

For more information, see the official “Taken” Web site.

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