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24 - Day 7
24: Day 7

No rest for Jack Bauer on the seventh day of ‘24’

Kiefer Sutherland returns as counter-terrorist agent

In the first six seasons of “24,” CTU agent Jack Bauer and his colleagues have had to bend or break the rules (and the law) in order to protect the country from terrorists.

Now, on the seventh 24-hour period depicted on the series, CTU has been disbanded, and Jack Bauer is facing a trial for his past actions.

Set four years after the end of Season Six, “Day 7” finds newly elected President Allison Taylor in the White House, and the unexpected return of Tony Almeida, a former colleague whom Jack Bauer believed to be dead. Also returning for “Day 7” are Jack’s former CTU colleagues Bill Buchanan and Chloe O’Brian, to help him and the nation make it through another long, challenging day.

24: Redemption

“Day 7” follows Jack’s conflict with an African warlord, depicted in the movie “24: Redemption,” which is available on DVD along with the first six seasons of the series. “Day 7” may also be pre-ordered on DVD at Q’s Quartermaster Shop.

Full episodes of “24” also can be watched online at the official FOX on Demand Web site. For more information on “24,” see the show’s official Web site at

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