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Knight Rider - KITT

‘Knight Rider’ is on the road again

The ultimate secret agent vehicle returns to NBC for new adventures

Following the hit 1980s series, its follow-up movie “Knight Rider 2000,” and NBC’s new “Knight Rider” movie last February, the series returns to network television this fall with new characters and a new model of car as the Knight Industries Three Thousand (KITT).

Justin Bruening

The new KITT (voiced by Val Kilmer) is equipped with artificial intelligence, satellite tracking, and a transforming chassis that can change its shape and color.

Deanna Russo

Joining KITT are ex-Army Ranger Mike Traceur (played by Justin Bruening), the son of the original series’ Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff), and Sarah Graiman (Deanna Russo), former girlfriend of Mike Traceur and daughter of KITT’s creator, Charles Graiman (Bruce Davison). Sydney Tamiia Poitier also stars as FBI agent Carrie Ruvai.

Poitier, Bruening, Russo

Knight Rider DVDs New episodes of “Knight Rider” air Wednesdays on NBC, starting September 24. For more information and video clips, visit the official “Knight Rider” Web site. “Knight Rider” DVDs are available in Q’s Quartermaster Shop.

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